Editing * Proofreading * Research

“Your publications must be attractive, informative, and accurate.
You can afford nothing less in publishing.”

For 30 years, Cecilia E. Thurlow has furnished freelance editorial services to sophisticated business, professional, and publishing enterprises. She brings order to structure, content, typography, spelling, grammar, style, usage, syntax, and layout. She improves unclear and erroneous writing, and is alert for libel, plagiarism, and prejudice. Thurlow offers consulting, research, and fact-checking services. This expertise is available for your publications.


  • Responsible: Cecilia E. Thurlow is in charge—hands-on and on time.
  • Flexible: Cutting-edge computers and know-how to handle business, college, trade, legal, medical, science, engineering, entertainment, education, art, communications—virtually any written work.
  • Quality-assured: Minimum of two (2) carefully trained, experienced professionals check and recheck every detail.
  • Committed: Full-time focus on your long-term editorial needs.

Sales, Productivity, and Credibility Are at Stake

Cecilia E. Thurlow is the proven editing, proofreading, and research solution for your projects: advertising/public relations media; books (trade, scholarly, text, scientific, professional, reference, and journals); business and technology (plans, proposals, reports, and catalogs); training materials and manuals; newsletters and periodicals; commercial printing; desktop publishing; the Web.

Cecilia E. Thurlow began her editing career at the former Colonial Press, Inc., Clinton, Massachusetts (then the world's second-largest book printer), before forming her own firm. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree, cum laude, from Assumption College, Worcester, Massachusetts.

Thurlow is active in the National Federation of Independent Business, Editorial Freelancers Association, the Women's National Book Association, Freelance Online, and the Lancaster Board of Registrars.